Aluminum clad wood windows combine the best features of wood and aluminum into a second to none, premium system. The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make wood aluminum windows ideal for luxury homes, passive houses and modern architectural projects. With a solid wood frame clad in aluminum on the exterior, our windows deliver the beauty and cozy look inside that only nature can. A wide assortment of woods, glazing and colour options mean you can customize them to meet your exact aesthetic, energy and security needs.

The Advantages of Wood Aluminum Windows

Anyone building or renovating a home is familiar with the difficult decisions and trade offs involved and the choice of window materials is no exception. Vinyl (uPVC) is the most affordable and aluminum is the toughest while both require little maintenance. Wood offers unparalleled beauty but requires regular upkeep you may prefer to avoid. All three offer good insulation values based on configurations with vinyl offering the best. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be an either-or decision. 

Aluminum clad wood windows are the perfect solution. They combine wooden frames on the inside with a protective metal shell on the outside to achieve the benefits of both with none of the disadvantages. They offer

  • Unmatched elegance in a modern look
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Strong weather resistance with minimal upkeep
  • Long life, durability security

While the price of common vinyl windows often seems too attractive to pass up compared to higher end models as these, aluclad wood windows are a classic case of buy once, cry once. Spread over multiple decades, our aluminum clad wood profiles will still be saving you energy costs, upkeep costs and replacement costs well into the future making them excellent an value for money when compared to inexpensive windows that will last half the time and never stop costing you.